Music for Special Occasions:
Weddings, Receptions, Bereavements, Garden Parties, or Your Special Event

Versatile violinist Marjorie is a classical Symphony violinist, a Baroque music specialist, a fiddle contest winner, and a gypsy violinist at heart. She can change her musical character depending on the musical occasion.

Solo Violin

Marjorie plays Middle Eastern, fiddle, and Celtic music, as well as Baroque, Romantic and Classical standards. You may also choose some of your favourite and meaningful music for her to play at your wedding or other special occasion.

Violin & Guitar

Guitarist Peter Leclerc and Marjorie are celebrating 20 years of playing together as the duo Starlight Reverie. Their duo, with its charming, suave and uplifting sounds of violin and guitar, has its own website: Their several hours of ready-to-perform repertoire includes Celtic and fiddle tunes, tangos, 'Swing' era nostalgia, haunting Gypsy melodies, plus contemporary popular and romantic songs. Marjorie also owns immense collections of nostalgic Irish and Scottish tunes which are perfect for St. Patrick's and Robbie Burns Day. Depending on the occasion and the size of the venue, they can perform acoustic violin and guitar, or amplified.

Viola da gamba

Marjorie is an amateur tenor viol and bass viol player. She plays in viol consorts in Cedar organized by Deborah van der Goes, and in Victoria organized by Martin Bonham.

Fee Schedule

Marjorie's rates vary, depending upon whether she is asked to prepare new music, to attend a wedding rehearsal, the number of musicians involved, and the travel distance involved. A basic rate for solo violin for a wedding, for example, would be $200.00.

NOTE: after calling Central Vancouver Island 'home' for 41 years, Marjorie now lives in Victoria.