Violin Lessons:
Marjorie has been Nurturing Violin Students for 30 Years

Marjorie's own philosophy of teaching each student is unique, as students come with different talents and dreams. Although, like most violin teachers, she loves a dedicated student with a good ear for being able to play in tune, she realizes the therapeutic value of handling and manipulating sounds, experiencing the vibrations of violin sound, and the joy of playing simple songs. So, she is open to working with students at whatever speed of progress that suits them best.

Marjorie regularly prepares her students to perform at the Upper Island Music Festival, as well as for the completion of Royal Conservatory exams, if they so desire. Marjorie organizes student recitals twice per year, providing students the opportunity to rehearse and perform with professional piano accompaniment.

Upon request, she would be pleased to offer contact information of former and present violin students who would describe Marjorie's teaching style.

Violin Rentals and Purchases

Marjorie has a limited number of violins for sale or rent in the following sizes:

  • Full Size
  • ¾ Size
  • ½ Size
  • ¼ Size
  • 1/8 Size